Yoshi found it suddenly ironic as he watched his brother Malthus clear the Low-hoop with much fanfare from the crowd, that it was his younger brother out there on the field.  It was Malthus who resented his enrollment into the after school gymnastics program for “excessively exuberant youngsters” and vowed to become a ninja, while it was Yoshi who wanted nothing more than to compete professionally in the Jambe games.  Now, after all these years it was the younger Malthus who had become the “demigod of gymnastics” and Yoshi who had become the assassin.

Could Yoshi now play the role of Cain, or was there a different fate that waited the pair entirely?

“next year, I will be eligible again” the thought popped suddenly into his mind. “I know I could defeat him, then there would be no need to destroy my life along with his” the thoughts now popped up with the speed of the athlete on the field.

“28 miks ladies and gentlemen!” came the booming voice of the announcer. “This next jump could be something the world has never seen before”

“indeed” whispered Yoshi as his grip tightened around the weapon he had received during the intermission from the vendor at booth 67c. He squeezed together his round eyes to wick away the sweat with the fir that surrounded them.

“Around the turn, and he is up” an electric crackle from the loudspeaker was the only sound between the words of the ecstatic announcer. And there in the tangible hush of the moment between Malthus’ feet leaving the deck and passing cleanly over the bottom lip of the sizzling blue ring, Yoshi’s eyes betrayed him and turned before his trained hand.

Malthus’ fiery gaze met his mid air and for a moment the brothers froze in time as the movements of the world pushed on one millisecond at a time. Yoshi had made his decision…

Malthus the Great

Malthus the Great: Daniel Armstrong

This was a lot of fun for me.  It was definitely a challenge to blend the input from such different stories into one moment.  I hope you enjoyed it and are satisfied with how I rendered your ideas.  This one I did at a much higher resolution than usual, so I thought some close-ups might be in order. Corel Painter. 8hours.

Malthus details

Malthus details