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I just received a new shipment of my favorite pens, and though I typically only use black, I always like to try out one of the 100’s of available colors.  This time around, I tried this delicious Red/Brown color. Go imagination!

The Whipmaster and the Ladleman

Hi-Tec C Pen on paper.  ~25 minutes


Here is another sketch from my flower-as-an-elderly-man kick.  Sometime I would like to do a real painting of one of these.

The Send-off

The Send-off

30 minutes. Pencil on cardboard.  With 5 minutes of color added in Photoshop.

I have been taken recently by the idea of flowers personified as wizened old men, caring for and preparing fruit for harvest, so when my friend asked me if I could do some drawings for a new tattoo, I imediately came up with this.   We will see how he likes it.

Flower Tattoo

Fruit of the harvest (Flowers of the field)

If he likes this, I will tweak it and maybe add some color.  I may add color, even if he doesn’t!

Pencil and Paper ~2 hours.

Costume underlay sketch

This is the underlay for an illustration I am doing for my wife’s book on stage design and theater production.  I haven’t really done much costume design before, but this has been pretty fun.

sea queen

Sea Queen costume design

Corel Painter ~1.5 hours (including thumbnails)

This is a quick one from my sketchbook.

Cowboy pop-gun

Cowboy pop-gun

Pencil on paper.  5-6 minutes.

This is a tiny sketch I did while helping my wife set up for her art opening in Memphis this weekend.  I believe it will be the beginning of a much more detailed illustration.

more hummingbird action

more hummingbird action

Pilot HI-TEC-C pen on paper.  15 minutes.

Typically I am not the type to rush right out and buy the latest version of every software license I own.  I find that I can wait 2 or more generations on things before it becomes necessary to buy an upgrade.  And so, when Painter released Painter 11 a while back, I didn’t give it much thought, but today I finally got around to giving it a try.  I have been very happy with Corel Painter 10, but this blew me away!  It was so much closer to the control of natural hard media that when I finished this rough sketch I did a double take at the clock.  15 minutes is much closer to what I would spend if this were an actual pencil or charcoal sketch.  Color me happy!  I can’t wait to try out something more substantial in this program.

Male speed sketch

Male speed sketch

Corel Painter 11.  15 minutes!

Here is an excerpt from my sketchbook as I am traveling in Boston for work this week.

More monsters and sad old men

More monsters and sad old men

Good old Pen on 6″x8″ paper.  15-20 minutes.

This is a scan of a page from my little 5″x8″ sketchbook that I did yesterday while I was eating with my wife.  We are such art dorks!

sketchbook page