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Occasionally I get stuck.  Frozen.  I don’t know what to do next.  Unfortunately, these are all bad things for the self-employed, so when I found myself in this position this afternoon, I knew I just had to do something fun to get my mind working again.  So, I decided to color the sketch from my last post, and just let my mind wander.  The good news is, it worked, and I have fresh goals, new ideas, and revived stamina.

Enjoy my wanderings.

The Wickmaster

Corel Painter. Around 3 hours.

(BTW, you can click on the images to see a bigger version!)


“You need to do it man.  You’re so good, and it doesn’t matter about all that other stuff Karl.  Show ’em how it’s done.  Make ’em cry with the beauty of your creations.”

Sushi Dream: final illustration

It was fun putting this one together without any sort of underlay.  Instead I just built up colors to find all the forms.  Again, this one is based on a dream my wife had.

Making sushi detail

Enjoy!  I know I did!

Corel Painter ~5 hours

So, I had a chance to start filling out some of the details on this guy.  I think one more sitting ought to finish him up!  I have been playing around with a brush set I downloaded as part of a book purchase.  This one has definitely been more organic than my typical style.

Sushi Dreams

I don’t often get a chance to illustrate things from other people’s dreams, but here is the beginning of a piece based on one of my wife’s.  I will be working on this here and there throughout the week.

Sushi Dreams (rough sketch 01)

So, this one goes out to my mother, who always wanted to design costumes.

The Sea Queen Illustration

It is funny, I don’t end up drawing too many people these days.  It was good to build up skin tone for someone wearing makeup.

Sea Queen Illustration close-up

Corel Painter ~9 hours

This took a bit longer than I expected, but here is the final render for the male costume.  Fun stuff.

Costume design drawing

Male warrior costume illustration

and some close-ups…

Costume close-up

Costume design illustration close-up

Costume design close-up

Costume design illustration close-up 2

Corel painter 8 hours.

Costume underlay sketch

This is the underlay for an illustration I am doing for my wife’s book on stage design and theater production.  I haven’t really done much costume design before, but this has been pretty fun.

sea queen

Sea Queen costume design

Corel Painter ~1.5 hours (including thumbnails)

I started laying out some color this morning.



This is a tiny sketch I did while helping my wife set up for her art opening in Memphis this weekend.  I believe it will be the beginning of a much more detailed illustration.

more hummingbird action

more hummingbird action

Pilot HI-TEC-C pen on paper.  15 minutes.