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This past weekend, I had the privilege to participate in an art showing at Fort Thomas Coffee, along with my wife, and our talented roomy/adopted son Jason Heaton.  It was a major win for us on many levels.  1. As a family, our vision is to love the people of this City, and this was a very literal way for us to show them love. 2. We were able to bring together many circles of  friends and acquaintances in one place.  Relationships are essential for sustainable love to grow, after all.  And 3. It focussed our family on working together.  This, as any of you with family knows, is no small feat.  Our boys even had art in the show, so we invested in this thing together in a way that has truly drawn us closer.  Now, on to the art!

Permanent Press: Art by Daniel Armstrong

Permanent Press

I Love Lamp: Art by Daniel Armstrong

I Love Lamp

The Feather

The Feather

Here's to Hope: Art by Daniel Armstrong

Here’s to Hope

Into the Unknown: Art by Daniel Armstrong

Into the Unknown

Pauly: Art by Daniel Armstrong


Storyteller: Art by Daniel Armstrong


The Harvest: Art by Daniel Armstrong

The Harvest

Unlock: Art by Daniel Armstrong


All of these were done digitally using Photoshop and Corel Painter.


And, just for fun, here is a shot from the opening, taken by my friend Levi.


Love Stories Art Show

Love Stories Art Show


This is a small excerpt from a graphic novel project we have been working on.  I am working on my storyboarding technique; specifically how to make the action clearer, and reduce the time spent in production.  This kind of project is so much fun for me!  Renderings are always enjoyable, but when I get to lay out the whole flow of the story being told, that is when my brain really engages.  Enjoy.

T.M.E.O.G. Storyboarding excerpt

T.M.E.O.G. Storyboarding excerpt

Corel Painter. 2.5 hours.

Gregory- by Daniel Armstrong

Gregory- by Daniel Armstrong

Corel Painter. 40 minutes.

This is a mood sketch for a graphic novel project we are working on.

Gregory's walk home

Gregory's walk home

Corel Painter. 45 min. Daniel Armstrong

This character has become the subject of one of our official projects.  I hope he captures your imagination as much as he does ours.

Darby's faith

Darby's faith

Corel Painter. 50 minutes