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This past weekend, I had the privilege to participate in an art showing at Fort Thomas Coffee, along with my wife, and our talented roomy/adopted son Jason Heaton.  It was a major win for us on many levels.  1. As a family, our vision is to love the people of this City, and this was a very literal way for us to show them love. 2. We were able to bring together many circles of  friends and acquaintances in one place.  Relationships are essential for sustainable love to grow, after all.  And 3. It focussed our family on working together.  This, as any of you with family knows, is no small feat.  Our boys even had art in the show, so we invested in this thing together in a way that has truly drawn us closer.  Now, on to the art!

Permanent Press: Art by Daniel Armstrong

Permanent Press

I Love Lamp: Art by Daniel Armstrong

I Love Lamp

The Feather

The Feather

Here's to Hope: Art by Daniel Armstrong

Here’s to Hope

Into the Unknown: Art by Daniel Armstrong

Into the Unknown

Pauly: Art by Daniel Armstrong


Storyteller: Art by Daniel Armstrong


The Harvest: Art by Daniel Armstrong

The Harvest

Unlock: Art by Daniel Armstrong


All of these were done digitally using Photoshop and Corel Painter.


And, just for fun, here is a shot from the opening, taken by my friend Levi.


Love Stories Art Show

Love Stories Art Show


This is a shot from a kids book that I am working on.

Hound Dog

Corel Painter ~8 hours (side note on this: I originally put 6 fingers on his hand by accident!  Thanks to my friend Brian for catching that one.)

"The bald headed wise man" sketch

The snake oil-salesman

The Southern Politician

It took several versions of this character to get it right, but I think it turned out well in the end.

Over the past few months, my wife and I had the privilege of working with Josh Garrels (one of our favorite musicians.)  It was an amazing ride!  Enjoy!

Made with Adobe After effects, Corel Painter, Photoshop, Acrylic paint, Pencil, and love.  (about 300 hours)

This is Bella.  The second portrait of Justin Caridi’s two daughters.  As I sometimes get asked, I thought I would explain my process a bit.  This is not a photo manipulation, but a digital painting done “by hand” on my Wacom Cintiq, using Corel Painter.  I take several photographic references, usually focusing on one pose, then use multiple photos for lighting, shading, and color reference.  I draw a rough “pencil” sketch to outline the shape, then layer up color bit by bit, much like traditional media, until I get the desired result.  Next time, I will post some “in-process” pics.  Enjoy!




Here is another sketch from my flower-as-an-elderly-man kick.  Sometime I would like to do a real painting of one of these.

The Send-off

The Send-off

30 minutes. Pencil on cardboard.  With 5 minutes of color added in Photoshop.

That includes understanding how to draw them.  Still workin’ on a portrait for our good friends, Mark and Heather Treas.  I was happy with what I did for Mark in around an hour, but I am on about hour 6 for Heather, and we are still not quite there.  Hmmmm, this has been a good learning experience for me.  I think, at least, it looks like her now.


Corel Painter.  Too many hours.

I have been taken recently by the idea of flowers personified as wizened old men, caring for and preparing fruit for harvest, so when my friend asked me if I could do some drawings for a new tattoo, I imediately came up with this.   We will see how he likes it.

Flower Tattoo

Fruit of the harvest (Flowers of the field)

If he likes this, I will tweak it and maybe add some color.  I may add color, even if he doesn’t!

Pencil and Paper ~2 hours.

A couple weeks ago, I had the honor of stopping by the school where a couple of my friends teach to share some art with the kids.  I basically sat at a table and took requests from the throng of interested pre-teens to draw them on the spot.  From the boys there were shouts of “Skulls, Warriors, and Dragons!” and from the girls I got things like “a unicorn with rainbow shoes.”  Luckily, everyone could agree that a “Rock star playing a guitar” would be “completely awesome.”  I don’t know if I achieved “completely awesome,” but I sure did have fun.

Yes, that IS a unicorn with rainbow shoes.

So, it isn’t what I would typically have drawn on a Friday night, but I guess that is kinda the point.

So this is a video my wife and I worked on together.  We actually decided to do a video project for this song a few weeks ago, just because we thought it would be fun, only later to find out that there was a fan video contest for that very song!  Needless to say that gave us a little more motivation for actually finishing the project.

It was tons of fun, and we even made it to the top ten finalists.  So if you haven’t already, go ahead and vote! Ours is the one on the top left, so if you like it the best give us some love.  Every vote counts.

Arian did all the illustrations, and I animated it all in After Effects.

This a piece from a children’s book project I worked on a couple months ago.

Paper Boy

Paper Boy

Corel Painter ~4 hours.