So, here is my latest rendition of the Treases.  I am working toward offering portrait services to customers looking for a unique digital likenesses for use in print and digital media.  How many of you would be interested in something like this for you or your family?

Digital Portrait Prints

Digital Portrait Prints

Digital portrait: Heather

Digital portrait: Heather

Digital Portrait: Mark

Corel Painter, ~3.5 hours.


Here is another sketch from my flower-as-an-elderly-man kick.  Sometime I would like to do a real painting of one of these.

The Send-off

The Send-off

30 minutes. Pencil on cardboard.  With 5 minutes of color added in Photoshop.

That includes understanding how to draw them.  Still workin’ on a portrait for our good friends, Mark and Heather Treas.  I was happy with what I did for Mark in around an hour, but I am on about hour 6 for Heather, and we are still not quite there.  Hmmmm, this has been a good learning experience for me.  I think, at least, it looks like her now.


Corel Painter.  Too many hours.

So I am playing around with styles while doing a portrait for some good friends of mine. Enjoy!

Mark, of "Mark and Heather" fame.

Corel Painter ~1 hour of actual drawing time.  Lots more flipping through photos.

I have been taken recently by the idea of flowers personified as wizened old men, caring for and preparing fruit for harvest, so when my friend asked me if I could do some drawings for a new tattoo, I imediately came up with this.   We will see how he likes it.

Flower Tattoo

Fruit of the harvest (Flowers of the field)

If he likes this, I will tweak it and maybe add some color.  I may add color, even if he doesn’t!

Pencil and Paper ~2 hours.

A couple weeks ago, I had the honor of stopping by the school where a couple of my friends teach to share some art with the kids.  I basically sat at a table and took requests from the throng of interested pre-teens to draw them on the spot.  From the boys there were shouts of “Skulls, Warriors, and Dragons!” and from the girls I got things like “a unicorn with rainbow shoes.”  Luckily, everyone could agree that a “Rock star playing a guitar” would be “completely awesome.”  I don’t know if I achieved “completely awesome,” but I sure did have fun.

Yes, that IS a unicorn with rainbow shoes.

So, it isn’t what I would typically have drawn on a Friday night, but I guess that is kinda the point.

This is a quick one.  This image had been floating around in my head all day, so I grabbed a few images from the internet as lighting reference and went to town.

Old Man Speed Sketch

Time to Plant Sequoias.

Corel Painter. 45 Min.

I am doing some practice paintings using photo reference to increase my understanding of how light bounces off of faces.  So, while this isn’t an exact copy, it draws heavily from some photo work of my talented friend Jon Willis.  I have this crazy idea to start doing portraits for people, though I think they might be more stylized than this.  Let me know if you would be interested in something like that in the comment section.

I wasn’t really watching the clock on this one, but but I spent a couple hours on it.  Corel Painter.

This weekend, my wife and I got to be a part of a very cool night hosted by a local coffee shop called Rohs Street Cafe.  We both painted up front while the bands performed.  It was a blast! Proceeds from both the sale of our pieces as well as the bands’ cd sales went toward Stop Traffick Fashion.  Cool music, cool art, great cause.  Loved it.

I was actually surprised at how emotional the whole thing was for me.  Even hiding behind my digital set-up with my work projected up front, I felt very emotionally vulnerable, and couldn’t help but tearing up from time to time.  Enjoy the art, and don’t forget to check out the two bands that played Artists and Authors and Flaregun.

Beleaguered Joy (an Angel Illustration by Daniel Armstrong)

Corel Painter/Adobe Photoshop.  2 hours

“You need to do it man.  You’re so good, and it doesn’t matter about all that other stuff Karl.  Show ’em how it’s done.  Make ’em cry with the beauty of your creations.”

Sushi Dream: final illustration

It was fun putting this one together without any sort of underlay.  Instead I just built up colors to find all the forms.  Again, this one is based on a dream my wife had.

Making sushi detail

Enjoy!  I know I did!

Corel Painter ~5 hours